Friday, April 22, 2011

Something a little different...books:)

I'm new at the idea of making books.
I've just recently invested in all sorts of machines, and gadgets in binding and such, so I'm looking forward to many attempts at this medium since I love working with paper and graphics so much.
This is one of my early examples of my book making.
'Ornithological Studies 1889'
it's a 5" x 6", chipboard paged, embellished book, 
which I really enjoyed making.
( Of course, the subject matter is 'birds', and yes
that is a shoulder feather from my 'Connie the Kitchen Conure'
I used a metal embellishment and Glossy Accents to
imbed the feather, great fun:)

I love the 3D effect of this page.

Might seem strange to have a 'gear' at the top of the page....but the next page will make sense:)

I attempted to create some 'movement' or interaction with the page..I'm pleased how it turned out:)

I like the contrast between the metal corners and the 'feminine pinks' of the page. And how the butterfly 'pops' out:)

I do love birds:) :) :)

I'm looking forward to some more 'book making time' in the art room, once I figure out how to use all the binding gadgets I've just received:) Art is learning!!!


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Oh, I love them ALL so much! xoxo

Trishia said...

Denise, this is stunning!!! And I'm quite jealous:) I love birds, too. Your pages are just so delightful, eye candy!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Happy Easter Weekend! Hope you all are getting some art time in!
Thanks so much for the comments!