Sunday, April 17, 2011


Now that I have started this, and going through all of the pictures of some of my projects, it's 'gobsmacked' me, (you'll see me use that English phrase from time to time:), just how much I've made in just the last couple of about trying 'everything'! So over the next little while, I'll just pick certain pieces to highlight in different categories of mixed media, collage, atc's, etc, so you can see what I've  up to. first attempt at encaustic painting.....As you can see, (and as I pre-warned all of you, (grin), I'm also interested in wildlife and pets. As many of you who know me, they are incorporated in many of my pieces, including photographs of my own local deer population where I live. Many of the photos that you'll see incorporated, are of my favourite and most tamed deer, Bubbie.

 I won't elaborate now, but later, his story is quite something, and he and my relationship is a 'treasured' one in my life. This canvas was a delight for me, and working in wax was a blast!

I particularly enjoyed the layering of fabrics and papers and encourage anyone to give it a try! 

Enjoy! And as I always say, Try it All!!


Trishia said...

Denise, I can see why Bubbie is the star an inspiration for the Deer series. Such a photo -- I want to reach out and touch his little wet nose. What a sweetie! It's hard to pick a favorite but I do live the blue cowboy boots outfit:)

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Trishia:) With Bubbie from 1 month of age until he turned 3 years old, I could reach out and pet him, look in his mouth, hug his neck and hand feed him:) :) Hence why he is so special to me:)
Over time, I'll post even better pictures of him:) He is just one of the many wild creatures that I have a relationship with, who help influence many of my pieces. I'm rather partial to 'Oh Deer Tightrope Walker' as well:)
Cheers! And thanks for the Post!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, he is beautiful! We had a deer that would come visit us every day last year. I would give him an apple everyday, didn't manage to get as close as you have with Bubbie, but I would loved to have been able to hug him :)

Denise J. Phillips said...

It's an amazing experience to have a 'relationship' with individual wildlife, no matter what species, but I must say, 'Bubbie' was very special, and the time that I had with him I'll always cherish:) (Once in a while he'd allow me to put my arm over his shoulder, it was amazing the 'power' in this wild animal that could have actually been a danger, but 'trusted' me:) A very precious thing!